Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Jayapura Bulan Mei 2016

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Jayapura Bulan Mei 2016Lowongan Kerja Terbaru yang hari ini anda baca adalah dari kami admin loker Perusahaan, Bank, Pertamina, Pemasaran, Guru, Bidan, Perawat dll adalah jenis jenis lowongan kerja yang kami sajikan melalui web kami ini. tersedia juga untuk loker dengan minimum pendidikan SMU SMK D3 S1 Segala jurusan yang selalu kami update dan kami khususkan bagi saudara yang berada di kota Jaya Pura (Timur Indonesia) 

Loker Terbaru Jayapura 2016 kali ini berasal dari perusahaan Clinton Health Access Initative (Chai) yang bergerak di bidang kesehatan akan mengisi informasi kita terkait Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Jayapura Bulan Mei 2016. berikut selengkapnya untuk anda simak.

Info Loker Terbaru Jayapura
Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Jayapura

Job Oportunity at Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) Indonesia

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) Indonesia, a non-profit organization which is active on HIV/AIDS sector, in cooperation with Subdit AIDS – MoH, is opening a vacancy in Jakarta for the post of :


More information about this job:
Founded in 2002 by President William J. Clinton, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is
a global health organization committed to strengthening integrated health systems around the
world and expanding access to care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and other illnesses.
Based on the premise that business oriented strategy can facilitate solutions to global health
challenges, CHAI acts as a catalyst to mobilize new resources and optimize the impact of these
resources to save lives, via improved organization of commodity markets and more effective
local management. By working in association with governments and other NGO partners, CHAI
is focused on large scale impact and, to date, CHAI has secured lower pricing agreements for
treatment options in more than 70 countries. In addition, CHAI's teams are working side-by-side
with over 30 governments to tackle many of the largest barriers to effective treatment and care.
In Indonesia, CHAI supports the Subdirectorate AIDS (Sub.Dit AIDS) of the Indonesia Ministry
of Health (MoH) in various areas, including strengthening the supply chain system for
HIV/AIDS drugs and other related commodities. Under funding from AusAid , CHAI Indonesia
has been working on develop on phase of program that will focus on scaling up access to HIVrelated

care, support & treatment in remote areas of Papua and West Papua provinces. CHAI will
be working with the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Health Office, health facilities, and other
local government bodies to create nine Centers of Excellence (COE) throughout the Highlands
region and key locales in Papua and West Papua.
Pursuant to that requirement, CHAI is recruiting for a Supply Chain and Procurement Manager
to provide technical support and mentoring related with supply chain and procurement
management system in order to strengthening health system in national and provinces on Papua.

  • Objective
  • Supply Chain and Procurment Manager is responsible for supporting the government in
  • strengthening the supply chain system of commodity-related HIV / AIDS with aim to increase
  • high-quality treatment for people living with HIV / AIDS. SCM Manager will report and
  • accountable to Country Director.

Managing and developing SCM Unit in planning, implementing and monitoring programs SCM
HIV/AIDS at national and provincial level (Papua and West Papua) including decentralized
SCM Management activities that include:

1. Provide technical support to establish a comprehensive supply chain system for
HIV/AIDS-related commodities including workplans, rules and procedure, suitable tools
for data collection and analysis, performance indicators and training of partners who
conduct supply chain activities.

2. Collect and monitoring supply chain data and performance indicators to be measured and
set baselines in the local and provincial level and provide analytical support related to the
supply chain system to identify current weaknesses and propose of realistic
implementable solutions to address these weaknesses and make periodic reports (monthly

3. Drafting SOP SCM program HIV / AIDS at national and provincial level both SCM
operational and program management.

4. Assist and support the implementation of decentralization ARV and reagen rapid test

5. Assist and support forecasting and supply planning team in analyzing the sufficiency of
stock at national level and make coordination with procurement team Subdit AIDS &
PMS and Global Fund.

6. Assist and support hospital and reporting training team to improve performance of site
reporting and identify the need of on site training including implementation training.

7. Budgeting activities and make TOR of SCM programs including resources arrangement
and funding integration

8. Ensure the SCM process running well , sustained and smooth transition to government
and foster relationships and communication between relevant governmental stakeholders
as well as external technical partners.

9. Overall management of demand and supply planning activities associated with HIV/AID
related commodities under the scope of CHAI’s Sub-Recipient grant.
10. Provide technical and managerial leadership to establish a comprehensive forecasting and
supply planning system for HIV/AIDS-related commodities.

11. Design, implement, and manage a rigorous and data-driven forecasting process conducted
on a regular basis and based on analysis of trends and targets.

12. Provide analysis of future demand and supply in order to inform procurement decisions,
such as the timing of a purchase, the efficient allocation of available funding to ensure
that supply will meet demand, and the avoidance of overstock and stock-low or stock out

13. Design, implement, and manage a system to monitor stock on hand at the national and
site levels to advocate for a proactive response to potential stock out situations before a
stock out is imminent.

14. Assist with the placing of orders and following the procurement process to clear orders
through customs as needed, working with external partners for the Global Fund
Voluntary Pooled Procurement program.

15. Develop appropriate policies and procedures and suitable tools for data collection,
analysis, and performance indicators.

16. Collaborate with stakeholders throughout the supply chain to gain an understanding of
the key challenges at the various levels and, where appropriate, work at the national level
to develop and implement policy and procedure changes to address those challenges

17. Determine forecasting and supply planning performance indicators to be measured and
set baselines

18. Review and analyze monthly data and indicators to inform decision making and prioritize
work efforts

19. Provide ongoing operational technical support as needed across the supply chain eg:
product introductions, forecasting, procurement, inventory management, storage,
distribution and disposal

20. Help build capacity with staff at Subdirectorate AIDS to carry out supply chain tasks (e.g.
analysis of stock levels and trends to identify system weaknesses, determination of
appropriate buffer stock levels, projection of stock quantity and quality, lead times for
ordering, monitoring of expiration dates of drugs)

21. Foster relationships and communication between relevant governmental stakeholders as
well as external technical partners


  • Minimum 5-8 years of experience in supply chain management specifically in
  • procurement, forecasting, inventory management, storage and distribution, preferably in
  • the health care and pharmaceutical industries
  • Experience working in public health sector and understanding of HIV/AIDS program is
  • desire.
  • Experience in designing and executing supply chain systems in resource-limited settings,
  • and a proven track record of impact/success
  • Ability to work in a public sector environment to accomplish goals and favorably
  • influence decision making processes in a diplomatic and collaborative manner
  • Familiarity with pharmaceutical supply chain management and/or pharmacy operations
  • Strong analytical and presentation skills
  • Good interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Capable of communicating with people from different background and at all level
  • Ability to think creatively to keep up with customer needs and growth of business
  • Must be a team player. Ability to remain professional, courteous, confident and patient at
  • all times
  • High level of integrity
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet timelines
  • Excellent time management.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office software, particularly Word, Excel, and
  • PowerPoint

Please see this link to whom interested to apply :

HR Coordinator – CHAI Indonesia


or email : chaiindo2015@gmail.com

Demikianlah salah satu informasi Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Jayapura Bulan Mei 2016 yang dapat kami sampaikan kepada anda yang berasal dari perusahaan Clinton Health Access Initative (Chai). kami juga menginformasikan tentang Lowongan Kerja Terbaru di Yogyakarta Mei 2016 dan lainya seperti Lowongan Kerja Terbaru di Manado Mei 2016 .

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